About UAN

The Urban Acupuncture Network (UAN) is a collection of pinpricks of change in communities throughout the world. Jaime Lerner describes urban acupuncture as a spark that sets off a current that begins to spread.

Urban acupuncture mimics traditional acupuncture theory, pinpointing areas of stress that need to be alleviated or repaired within a community. It begins with fundamental ideas of what makes cities thrive: familiar sounds, smells, gathering places, people, key infrastructure, adequate land use, and mass transportation.

#urbanacupuncture steps in to make small but fundamental changes that alter city life for the better.

What pinpricks of change can you share?

The Network will build from the examples of interventions that you share with us. Please submit your examples with text, photos, videos, etc in the form below or email them to chelsea@centerforthelivingcity.org.