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Urban acupuncture can be exemplified many ways in a community. June is Pride month and is an example of urban kindness in our communities, where people come together and celebrate equality for all and the quest for a more just and empathetic society. The celebration started in remembrance of the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan, when LGBT people started to protest for respect and equal rights among the society.

Gabriel Mattos 2016

This past weekend, Salt Lake City hosted Utah Pride Festival 2016. More than 35,000 people attended, and many local businesses showed up to express their support. The city articulated an urban kindness, with citizens coming together with a festival, that gathered  more than 200 local businesses. It bridged many people in the community and featured local celebrities in the LGBT community and beyond.

Gabriel Mattos 2016
Gabriel Mattos 2016

Salt Lake City becomes an example of a living city in the summertime, with residents walking  the streets and interacting with the community;enjoying festivals, fairs, and other events. These events contribute to the local economy, the lifeblood of the city, and the culture of the city.

During Pride Festival, people came from all over the state  to  downtown Salt Lake City, where crowdsofpeople filled the streets and publics spaces., Diverse groups joined the celebration; people cheered, relaxed in parks, shopped in local businesses, and filled their bellies with flavorful food from food trucks and restaurants around the city.  

Gabriel Mattos 2016

For one weekend the life of the city celebrated equality for everyone.

Gabriel Mattos 2016

Supporting a minority is not just good for the minority, but for the entire society. Respecting the LGBT community is structuring basis for every citizen to grow in a safer environment.
The city must be designed for all its inhabitants; where everyone can live a respectful, safe, and thriving life.

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