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O Museu Oscar Niemeyer (MON) abrirá normalmente na terça-feira (12), feriado de Carnaval. No dia 13, quarta-feira de cinzas, o museu abre ao meio-dia. Nos outros dias funciona normalmente, das 10h às 18 horas. Foto: Pedro Ribas
Pedro Ribas

MON, Museu Oscar Niemeyer, also known by the Curitibanos as “The Eye Museum”, is famous by its  audacious architecture and is also a great tourist attraction in the city of Curitiba.

But what usually brings the citizens to the museum is not the great exhibitions on the inside, actually during the weekends what takes people to the site is the open public space. Under the museum there is a FREE SPAN provided by the architecture itself, creating a cover to outside activities like community picnics. The glass wall around the building entrances creates crystal-clear reflections, used by artists and young people as mirror for their choreography and street dances.

Luiz Kelvin Silva, 2016


Luiz Kelvin Silva, 2016

The Open Field behind the building provides a good space on sunny days where groups of people practice yoga during the mornings and events like Haru Matsuri, the japan festival, happen there. This space during the weekends has been named as “PARCÃO”. The dog park, public area provides an off leash park for owners to allow their dogs to run freely.

Vinícius Rosnoski
Luiz Kelvin Silva, 2016

These urban interventions were made for the citizens, by the citizens, and now it is embedded in the culture of this city. It is a great example of how important these open public spaces are for the community.

The Greatest Attraction in a City is the Life Quality of its inhabitants”

Jaime Lerner

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